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Some people look very happy after buying a new house and some of them also a bit nervous about how to shift the house itself, In both cases, people forget about 5 shifting tips for packing Safety which must be followed. So hello folks,Best packers and movers company in chandigarh know your family’s safety is your priority, that’s why remember these 5 safety tips for packing safely before moving your home.

Don’t Be Confused : 5 Moving safety tips

Some people are always in a hurry and in that hurry, they get a loss. Sometimes due to security and sometimes it just a small mistake. Atleast fifteen days before your relocation, go to your storeroom and try to reduce things which are waste. Not just because you have to pack this stuff, but when you reduce your luggage, you will be more free space for your new home and you will not have any burden on yourself.

  • Check into every room and try to search for everything into one of four categories: waste, sell, donate and return
  • Try to check for every paper and try to collect only the important one and reduce your waste papers.
  • If you have old furniture or any electric item which you are not going to use in your new house then try to sell it on whatever it gets because it will cost you more to transport it.
  • Make a list of borrowed items and return it to an original boss. Before it is too late to return.
  • When you want not to pick too much weight then try to donate old things that are still in use but are too old to use in the new house.
  • When you were doing all this, don’t forget to check with the shifting items packing process. If you think while packing that this is not going to work in the new house please check twice to four categories.  

Pack Your boxes as you can pick the boxes. 5 Moving Safety Tips

As you start packing your luggage, try to pack in small badges. Lighter your bag is more you can fit. kids study item had a big burden and books are heavy to pack in a single box that’s why books should be packed in small boxes. When packing a box make sure that box is not too big and easily liftable. When a box is full and too heavy to carry then seal it properly.


First, take proper safety on your hand before carrying heavy boxes and furniture. Make sure to cover your furniture and other heavy luggage. And the cover is in good shape and the straps are in good condition. Higher-quality covers will give you complete securities.


Make a logo of X when packing glass and mirror etc. Use a 3 layer protection for special glass items. Stuff these boxes with papers and foam that it will not break.


All ammunition must be drained off completely. Drain all oil and gas lawnmowers and appliances. Cleaning materials, candles, chemicals, propane tank plants, and batteries are other things that could be exploding or fire-fighting. Even if you are going with Vehicle transport then you should empty the fuel tank of those vehicles.

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