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Hiring professional packers and movers have become common now days and so does their services. Most people have a number of doubts regarding the services and working of packers and movers. And from there arises a lot of questions. These questions can be answered by only professionals. So, to unveil those answers we took the queries from different people and have tried to answer all of them in a single post. Keep reading to know. Maybe you’ll get your answer too.

1. For interstate relocations or a long-distance move; do we need to book hotel in advance?

For a long distance move, it is impossible to predict how far you’ll travel in one day. It completely depends on the weather. If the sky is clear you can move fast but in the rainy or snowy weather there are chances that your relocation can be delayed. Because, the professional packers and movers won’t move in unfavorable climatic conditions concerning the safety of your goods. But if you are having a tight schedule, you can select some locations and can stay there when you arrive at that particular location. But, booking a hotel in advance can make your relocation costly.

2. How long will I go in a day with packers and movers?

It depends on you how much you are capable of. Some people get tired only after 5 hrs of driving whereas some can drive up to straight 12 hrs. But ideally 10-13 hrs are best. It also varies according to the driving conditions and the road. Thus, stay energetic and drive longer.

3. What is the best method to navigate with packers and movers?

We are very well about the network conditions. You simply can’t rely on the online maps. It would be great if you get yourself an offline map to navigate you throughout. You can also track your goods via the tracking services by the professional packers and movers.

4. As a student, do I need to update address every time I move?

If you are a student, you have a right to keep everything (aadhar card, voter ID, bank documents, PAN no. etc) delivered at your parent’s residence. Thus, you have to update your address everywhere if you live far from home and this need to be done with precision.

5. What are the most popular moving scams?

The realm of packers and movers in filled with fraudulent. Make sure you hire the genuine packers and movers who can handle all your relocation stresses. Don’t give advance more than 50%. Ask them about their experiences. Visit their office and view their certifications. Read the customer reviews.

Most of the fraudulent moving companies tend to charge more than the load and even they will increase their price in the name of policies. Thus, beware of such scammers and hire only after getting moving quotes from more than 3 packers and movers companies.

6. Do I need to tip the packers and movers?

A tip should be earned with anything and same applies with the packers and movers. Thus, it is a great question how much tip should be given to packing and moving team. You can pay 200-300INR per mover which is a good amount. You can also pay higher amount if you are comfortable and happy with their services.


We hope that you might have found answer to your questions. If your questions aren’t answered yet, please contact us.  Call us or drop an email for our packers and movers services.

12 August, 2021 05:15 am


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